Baby Room & First Steps

Welcome to the Baby Room and First Steps 

exclusive infant & toddler care in Sutton Coldfield

Leaving your baby or toddler for the first time when you return to work is an incredibly difficult thing for any parent. At Play & Learn in Sutton Coldfield we completely understand this challenging step and aim to make it as pleasant an experience as we can. Our staff are all highly trained and friendly, our facilities are of the highest standards and we provide a loving, nurturing environment so that your baby or toddler will have a seamless transition from home to their first experience of childcare and education.

Baby Room – where the adventure begins

Here your precious baby will have constant care, with plenty of time for stories and cuddles. The nurturing environment has cosy areas full of stimulating sensory equipment, treasure baskets, cuddly toys and natural objects to encourage heuristic play. Your baby will explore colour, shape and texture to promote physical skills and linguistic development. Staff will support and encourage, but your baby will learn at their own rate.

The Baby Room is specifically designed for the care of infants aged 3 – 18 months. Babies are engaged and stimulated by our expert staff who can help with all kinds of things including weaning and first steps. We bottle feed as required throughout the day, either your own expressed milk or formula. After lunch at 12 our baby room converts into ‘the sleep room’. Blinds are shut and calm music is played to enable the babies to relax and rest. 

First Steps  

Here your toddler will increasingly become a walker and talker. Developmentally she or he will being to self-feeding and make first friendships. Physical, intellectual and linguistics skill will be developed through a range of activates, including listening to music and rhymes, sharing books, sand or water play, messy play and painting with hands or feet. There will be simple jigsaws, construction toys and crayons to develop fine motor skills. Roll play will be encouraged with resources familiar from real life such as a home corner with role play kitchen or small world people and cars.  

First Steps is aimed at toddlers aged 18 – 30 months. These little people are finding their first steps and independence so need lots of engaging activities and attention which they receive from our expert team. We have a small soft play area which has a range of resources such as triangular mirror tunnel, soft blocks rocking animals and steps & slides to explore. These facilities are shared with our Little People (30 – 36 months) and Preschool children aged 3

Afternoon nap time 

All our upstairs children enjoy nap time after lunch. Sleep mats will already have been prepared for them. Younger babies have cots to sleep in. Due to varying routines which we stick too on parents’ behalves, it may mean that some children are awake when others are sleeping. The First Steps department is also set up to respect nap time with quiet activities that children can engage in if they are not sleeping. All children have individual sheets and blankest which are stored in labelled cloth bags. They are washed weekly or as needed.


Our staff at Play & Learn are trained in supporting families to wean children whether it’s onto solid foods, from formula milk to cow’s milk or from bottle to cup. We follow up-to-date guidance to ensure children are receiving the correct nutrients for their stage of development.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my child misbehaves?  

We focus on good behaviour, praising our children when they are kind, caring or helpful. Inappropriate behaviour is usually discouraged with a little talk. If it persists our behaviour management coordinator will meet with your to discuss how we can work together to support your child. 
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