School Readiness

What is school readiness?

School readiness is a phrase used by practitioners, teachers and professionals.

School readiness is about children being secure and confident and having the life skills that they will need on the next step in their educational journeys.

Our experienced and dedicated team will ensure the children have thought provoking activities on offer which will cater to each of their individual needs.

Children will learn functional skills through exploration and play, they will learn the importance of being independent.

Children will learn self-help skills as well as learning to read and write letters and numbers, they will explore the world and communities around them and be curious thinkers.

Through the use of stories and books children’s imaginations will thrive, they will develop their confidence and social skills which will allow them to develop the strong foundations needed to succeed.

Children should be able to follow age appropriate instructions and demonstrate a high level of listening skills. Children should have a wide range of vocabulary and be able to express their needs such as being thirsty, needing the toilet ect.

Children should be curious about the world around them and should want to explore and take part in a wide range of activities, children should be able to engage appropriately with adults and form special friendships with their peers as well as be able to share and take turns.

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