Little People & Pre-School

Little People & Pre-School departments 

AT Sutton Coldfield

These two departments share facilities in our ground floor unit. At this stage mixing outside their age group encourages our pre-schoolers to become socially aware of the needs of others and stimulates the all-round development of our Little People.

Little People 

At this stage your little persons’ vocabulary will grow rapidly, improving communication skills and enabling your child to build positive relationships, understand the need for boundaries and begin to apply problem solving skills to day to day life. In nursery your little person will enjoy listening to favourite stories and re-enacting them with friends as they use their own imagination to explore different aspects of life. Favourite activities will include small world play, sensory experiences, exploring different materials and textures such as: jelly, gloop, water and sand. 

In craft; painting, gluing and cutting will develop fine motor and fine manipulation skills, improving the ability to handle tools, including mark making pencils and crayons. Little people are also very energetic, and we encourage them to run, jump and dance to strengthen balance and improve gross motor skills. Physical play in our garden or soft playroom is very popular.


Here our focus is on ensuring your pre-schooler has the confidence, skills and positive attitudes to make the transition to school smooth and successful. Staff will consolidate self-help skills, increase independence and ensure your child is confident in familiar situations. Activities are still interest based, but designed to extend concentration and cover the Foundation Stage Curriculum’s seven areas of learning, which are:
• Communication and language
• Physical development
• Personal, social and emotional development
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world
• Expressive arts and design

The flow of the day is more structured and staff will use a range of methods and resources including ‘Beat Baby’, letters and sounds, and phonic time. Pre-schoolers will work in groups to develop new concepts, learning to recognise numbers, symbols and amounts in the environment or words that are important to them personally. Favourite activities will include the computer, physical play in the garden, intricate craft work and more complex imaginative play.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my child is being bullied at nursery? 

Whenever your child is hurt or upset our first priority is comfort and care. Next is to inform you of the circumstances and how we plan to prevent a recurrence. Bullying in nursery is a rare type of inappropriate behaviour and is handled in line with our behaviour management policy.
For more information on our Little People and Pre-School departments contact Play & Learn in Sutton Coldfield
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