Welcome to Play and Learn

Play and Learn Ltd Nursery was opened in 2013 by the Directors Stanley and Yvonne Hodgetts, this family run nursery was originally established over 15 years ago in Derby. The directors made the decision to open a nursery closer to home for future grandchildren. The nursery has been managed by Claire Hodgetts since its opening.

Play and learn Sutton Coldfield is a 62 place setting which operates over 2 floors and provides a warm, safe and nurturing environment for children ages 3 months to 5 years.

Our baby and first steps department is on the first floor and has a bright open plan layout with an adjoining terrace, this ensures the children have all round access to the outdoor environment whatever the weather.

Our little people and preschool department is on the ground floor and has an open plan layout, the room has been designed to promote the independence of the older children to prepare them for the next step in life. The downstairs department also has a large garden surrounded by trees, this means the children have free flow access to the outdoors and the many wonders of nature.  

Play and learn has a newly formed literacy room with an abundance of resources, this is accessed in small groups from babies up to preschool. This room focuses on cognitive development and the foundations of language. It is also used for 1:1 support for children with additional needs.

Upon the second floor, Play and Learn has its own kitchen, this is where our Nursery cook creates homely, exciting and healthy meals for the children in our care. We have a level 5 food hygiene rating and follow Startwell Birmingham’s healthy lifestyle programme. We cater for a wide range of allergies, intolerances, religious and preference diets.

At play and learn we promote British values through a diverse educational programme. We support children to make their own choices and develop a core understanding of  themselves and the wider world.